Our Story

Part trans-continental, part repurpose, and definitely the start of a new tradition.

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A Communal Tradition

Traditional beergardens have been places where communities have gathered to share a pint with family and friends. That timeless heritage is what inspired the beergarden—a literal garden built for community gathering, to enjoy food and beverage in an inspiring garden setting. With at least 5 food carts on site and 42 taps of beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and soda….we have options for every age and palate.

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Loss of Marie Calendar’s = Our Gain

In 2014, the long-standing Marie Calendars restaurant in Eugene served its last slice of pie. But days before being leveled to make way for a shiny new building, we were able to salvage everything—the bar, the ceiling, the art and fireplaces and tables and every carved eagle in the place. And then that old restaurant got a new life at the Beergarden. More than 90% of Beergarden is retrofitted with pieces from Marie’s old place, though with a bit of a new look this time around.

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